Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Latest crime reports for Orangeburg SC

Map of South Carolina highlighting Orangeburg ...Image via Wikipedia
Orangeburg, SC has another murder under it's belt, Deshawn Powell, 25 of Orangeburg has been charge with the fatal stabbing of an elderly man, Arthur Riley, 69 in his place of residence last Wednesday. The accused Deshawn Powell was out on bond for a shooting death that occured in 2005. Residents in Orangeburg are asking the question, "why was this man out of jail in the first place?".

Also in custody is Romeo Brown, who was wanted in the alleged shooting death of Alexander Harrison in October of this year. Romeo Brown was booked into the Orangeburg County Detention Center thanks to the U.S. Marshals. Browns wife was also arrested for obstruction of justice and child endangerment. There were two minor children found at the residence where the Browns were arrested. Anyone up for this episode of "Meet The Browns"?

Also in Orangeburg, SC, it appears that former deputy Robert Ayers of Rowesville SC was found not guilty of a DUI charge. With his fate lying with a jury of his peers, 33 year old Ayers was found not guilty after a 3 hour deliberation. Ayers was arrested late in December of last year after running his vehicle into a ditch. Troopers on the scene claimed the deputy failed several sobriety tests and would not consent to a breathalyzer.

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